Friday, November 8, 2013

Last night was a busy night.  I put the finishing touches on Akele's journal.
I debated whether to put the picture on the inside cover, but figure it should be easy to remove if she wants to.

I also finished the "L" for WOCS.  I even remembered to add my name, which I usually forget. 
I will get this, along with my fall tree in the mail either today or tomorrow.  I'm also sending some small Christmas designs they can use on cards.  I stitched some of these designs when I lived in Arizona, which was 1988-1989.  I had hoped to assemble the cards myself, but time is getting short and I have to get Mike's stocking done. I also committed to another project that will have to be stitched and framed by Christmas.  It's a super secret project so I will only post the initial picture.  The finish will get posted after the gift is delivered at Christmas.  It should be a fairly quick project to stitch because it's got a lot of outlining/ blackwork, ok, I guess redwork :)
Also put a felt backing on a bookmark for a friend.  She is having a tough time and I wanted to let her know that things will get better.

And then found out she won't be in the office today. Oh well, it will be a nice surprise for her on Monday.

That's all for now,

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