Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Card update


I decided I need to post more often, so here are some cards I made out of stitched projects.
On June 1, I realized that my neighbor and good friend's birthday was in two days and I had not made her a card.  Shameful.  Thankfully, this blackwork pattern stitches very quickly and I had an aperture card that was the perfect size.  I stitched it in three shades of green as that is her favorite color.

This is the same pattern, but in jewel tones. I had stitched it previously, but needed to make the card as the recipient's birthday is June 12.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the middle square is dark purple.

And another previously stitched project I turned into a card. This one is for someone who's favorite color is light blue and birthday is June 17th.  This pattern is the June birthstone pattern from Shannon Christine Designs.

Here are two more colors schemes using the same pattern; purple and turquoise and the original pearl. Sometimes I like to personalize the colors of the designs to match favorite colors, while using the correct month's pattern.

Happy Summer!