Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January is almost over, already. Sigh. So little time, so much to stitch.  I've been working on Valentine's Cards for WOCS and have 5 stitched so far. I need to finish as many as I can and then assemble over the weekend to mail Monday.  I'm using the same two patterns, just changing the floss colors and fabrics.  I did finish a journal and card for one of my co-workers

She's likes pigs, and her birthday was January 4, so I had fun with these.  I also finished a Mill Hill Halloween project  

It was an old kit that someone had given me. Originally it was a "normal" schoolhouse with a checkerboard border, but I tried to spookify it.  I think it turned out ok.  I have another one with the same border that I am working on.  I want to redo the border, but need some quality time to work on redesigning it.

I have three more co-workers with birthdays between now and  March 7, and only one of the cards stitched so I will get to work on these as soon as the Valentine's cards are complete.  I also have another project for WOCS due at the end of February and really need to get to work on it.That one is for a cartoon themed quilt and I am stitching the two mice from Cinderella.  Then it's on to thank you cards for my son's robotics team.  I have to stitch 7 or 8 of these and don't have a pattern yet.

And with all that work ahead of me, I better get back at it.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Where, oh where, did 2014 go?  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My stitching year finished strong with a 30 card donation to WOCS.  I made around 10 cards for personal use as well as stitching a few smaller  projects. I Not posting any pictures this time as time is short, but I promise to post more  in 2015.

This will be a busy year as my oldest son graduates from high school and I will make cards for several of his classmates. I have a bunch of friends with birthdays in the first couple of months of the year so I have already started stitching.  And yes, more projects for WOCS.

Take care,