Friday, April 28, 2017

April Smalls SAL


What's the saying, April showers bring May flowers. Well, Denver has rain and snow forecast for tonight, with 3-7 inches possible.  We need the moisture, but I really would prefer rain over snow!

On to stitching fun.  April isn't quite over yet and I hope to have a couple more finishes yet this month, but I'll post what I have for now.

More graduation cards.  My total is now up to 19. I hope, hope, hope, I am done with graduation cards for the year.

This card is the one I made for my son.  It's a Sue Hillis  pattern. I saw a picture of it on Pinterest, but could not find the pattern so I recreated the pattern using PC Stitch software and tweaking the colors to fit the school colors.  I don't think I violated any copyright laws in doing this as I am not selling the pattern or the finished product and I would have purchased the pattern if I could have found it anywhere.

And another thank you card; however this one will be for the principal and I will add two charms, one for each year my boys graduated high school.  This pattern is a re-creation of the school logo, again using PC Stitch software.  I'm thinking about making a larger version of this and getting it framed and then giving it to the school next fall (or whenever I get it stitched) but haven't made up my mind yet.  What do you think?  Would a school appreciate it?

A couple more Mill Hill kits.  My grandma always used to sing the song "Grey squirrel, grey  squirrel, swish your bushy tail" when I was young, so when I saw this kit, I had to make it in honor of her.  It's a little on the brown side, but it's the memory behind it that makes it meaningful.

Two baby cards for a co-workers. I had stitched the shoe and bottle/ rattle section last month, but added the words and assembled the cards this month
Birthday and Easter card for my dad

Same card with some color variations.  I needed some quick, neutral cards for birthday's, etc.



Wall handing for a co-worker and very good friend that got a new job.  She loves frogs and the color purple, so this was perfect for her.
 I thin designed this card for her.  The one of the left was the first version, but I didn't like the spacing of the words, so I redid it.

And lastly, a sympathy card for my cousin who's husband passed away. Sadly, I seem to make a lot of sympathy cards.

I stitched a lot again this month, but I had more free time than anticipated because my youngest son pulled a hamstring and as a result is not playing sports.  We finally took him to the doctor because he was not healing and he is now undergoing acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and several exercises he does at home.  After one week of treatment he has improved quite a bit and we are hoping he will be able to play in his last game of the season on May 5th. It's also Senior Night so we'd like to see him on the field for at least one play.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

This weekend will be busy as I hope to assemble all the graduation cards I have stitched.  Ok, maybe only some of them since there are 19!

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Smalls SAL


April Fool's Day.  I stayed safe, but my husband and youngest son played a few tricks on each other.  The most popular seemed to be a rubber band around the kitchen sprayer.

March was a productive month for me.  I realized that I had 17 graduation cards to stitch and assemble by the end of May and that I better get cracking on them.

I just realized how many projects I completed in March.  A few had been started in prior months( or years), but most of them were start to finish in March.

I started Midnight Farm by Mill Hill as part of my crazy Facebook challenge 3 years ago and FINALLY finished it.  I did a little happy dance when I put the last beads on it!




A few thank  you notes for more teachers that wrote letters of recommendation for my youngest.



Some Mill Hill kits.


And here is 13 of the graduation cards.  I started around the middle of the month and didn't quite finish them all before March was done.







So, I'm off to finish the last 4 graduation cards and who knows what else.

Happy Stitching,