Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where did the last few days go?  Yesterday was back to work day and boy was a dragging this morning.

I had to put Santa away for a  few days as I have some projects with deadlines that needed finishing.
Here's a picture of my progress through 11.02.2013
It's really looking good, however, I'm a little worried that I have enough room above his hat to finish the stocking.  I think I'm ok, but I'll have to count stitches before I resume

So, what did I get distracted with?  A couple of projects for a friend at work.

She's wants cards for her Grandma and her parents.  And while I was stitching these two, I decided to make this one as well.
Not sure who I'll give it to, but I really like the pattern.  Maybe on a card for my dad.

I have a small project I need to complete by Friday. I'm not going to say much as it's a gift for someone that just might read this.  I'll post after the gift is given.

That's all for today.


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