Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Monday which means another week closer to Christmas!  Friday was an exciting day as I had two people contact me with special requests.  One was a birthday card for a dear friend and isn't due until late December.  The other was a co-worker with a  special request for his wife who was pregnant.  When she was young, she had a tortoise that lived in her back yard and he  wanted to know if I could make a card for her that had turtles, possibly a mom and daughter turtle.  I started looking around and found the Ellen Mauer-Stroh "Turtle baby" pattern.  He loved it so I stitched like a maniac all weekend and stayed up way too late  last night in order to finish.
Why the rush? because she was due 11/09/2013.   Yes, he asked me on Friday to make the card, as in a week after the baby was overdue!

My late night was worth it as Baby Lillian Francesca was born yesterday.  I'm waiting to hear from the happy dad to see if he wants to get it framed or wants me to put it on a card for him.  And...since the baby is finally here and named, I can finish the card I am making them as a gift. All I have to add is the name and details.

I also finished the second third of my secret project.  Will hopefully have time tonight to work on that as Michael's has a great sale on their frames this week and I want to finish the project this week in order to take advantage of that sale.  60% plus an additional $15.

And then...back to the stocking.

Take care,

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