Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Productive night last night as I put the finishes on three cards.  It amazes me how much time it takes to pick the paper and determine sizes of cuts, etc.

First was the card for my co-worker.  I had all the stitching done except for outlining the feet and adding the baby's details.

Then I put the finishes on the cards for another co-worker, the requests she had put in for her parents and grandma. I believe the Mary and Jesus card is for Grandma and the angel is for her parents, but I could have that reversed.  I  had trouble deciding what paper to use, until I found the antique-y looking paper in the middle. It really tied the other colors together and gave the card an elegant look.

Tonight I resume working on the super secret project for another co-worker.  I'm two-thirds done and I need to finish this week so I can take advantage of the Michael's fabulous framing special.


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