Friday, August 2, 2019

July Smalls SAL


Happy August.  It's amazing that it's August already.  Thanks to Mary for sponsoring the Smalls SAL.  I had a crazy start to last month and by the time I got online, the June link had closed so I'm happy to make the July link.

I did a start a day this month for Christmas in July and managed to finish a few of them.






Currently, I have enough finished pieces to make 30 Christmas cards with another 15 or so started.

I also got Joe's kitchen framed.  I stopped at Michael's, where I've always had gotten my pieces framed.  They usually do a fantastic job.  Not this time. After spending a hour with the young man in the frame shop, I finally took my piece and left. It was painfully obvious he didn't know what he was doing and there was no way I was leaving  my work in his hands. I went to Hobby Lobby and had a wonderful experience.  They did a great job and will get all of my future framing experience.

Year to date I am at 76 finishes out of 126 starts and will spend most of the next few months finishing the rest of my Christmas cards.

Happy Stitching, 


  1. Very cute smalls. They are going to make great cards. I love your Joe's Kitchen FFO. I am glad you found someone to trust with framing your piece.

  2. I love all your gorgeous Smalls. I hope you show us pics of the cards when you make them up. I love Christmas stitching!

  3. Well done with your 31 Christmas starts in July and for already finishing so many off. Joe's Kitchen looks brilliant too. Sometimes it's difficult finding a framer you can trust. :)