Monday, May 2, 2016

April Smalls SAL

Happy Belated May Day.  Not sure what weather everyone else experienced, but April ended with a gentle roar in Colorado as we  had intermittent rain/ snow Friday through late yesterday.  Finally, today, we have some sunshine!

Thanks, as always to Heather at Stitching Lotus for sponsoring this fun monthly event.

April was filled with lots of stitching goodness as I took a few days off from my insane work load for some much needed "me" time!

I continue with Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January/ February Challenge 2016 as one of the few trying to have a new start or progress on a WIP every day this year.  I'll admit, it's a challenge keeping it all organized!

But let's get to some finishes


Card for a co-worker and sympathy card. The hand bag and purse pattern is from World of Cross Stitching #202 and the sympathy card is my own design.  Sadly, I never seem to have enough sympathy cards on hand.


A couple of stitches for me.  Live Laugh and Love is from Daily Cross Stitch and the Dragon of Spirit is a freebie from Dragon Dreams. This is the 5th in a series and I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I fell in love with the patterns and had to stitch them.

Sweet 16 card for my niece from Cross Stitch Card shop #94 and a birthday card for a co-worker. I got the pattern from Pinterest and I think it's a Byrd's Next pattern.

Mill Hill Haunted Hotel. I started this last year and stayed up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late one night to finish it.  I love the Mill Hill Kits and have the entire "haunted" collection.

Thinking of you card.  Just stitched to have on hand.  I designed the pattern and wanted to see how it looked on this fabric.  The Flip Flops are a freebie in the Sullivan's Floss summer collection.  This piece was stitched for WOCS.


And a couple of Christmas finishes as it's never too early to start Christmas cards.  These patterns are from Byrd's Nest Blackwork, which is a great resource for free blackwork patterns.

And finally some graduation cards.  The top two are for neighborhood boys and the third was a special request from a co-worker for his niece who goes to the same high school as my son.  Unfortunately, when I showed the cards to my son, he informed me that Franny now goes to a different high school.  Ugh, I'll check with my co-worker today and find out.  And if it's true ( which I'm pretty sure it is) I will have to track down the school color's, including cap and tassel colors.  Oh well.  I guess that will give me another start for my crazy challenge :)  The pattern is from an old Bucilla kit that featured many small holiday patterns and I've personalized it to match school colors and added names, etc.

I had a couple of other finishes this month, but they are a little larger than  what I consider small, so I'm saving them for another post.

Hope everyone had a great April and looking forward to a wonderful May!



  1. Congrats on all of the adorable finishes Michele. They look great.


  2. So many great smalls this month! The cards are so thoughtful, but my favorites are the dragon and the Haunted Mill Hill design. Thank you for sharing!

  3. So many great smalls this month! The cards are so thoughtful, but my favorites are the dragon and the Haunted Mill Hill design. Thank you for sharing!

  4. wow You were able to finish so many projects. That's wonderful. I do have to say the flip flops are my favorite. I have it in my todo pile.

  5. Wow, such a card galore. So you always have one on hand. Great stitching on all your projects.

  6. That's wonderful. my favorites are the land design ..

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