Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March Smalls SAL


Goodness time does fly.  Work has been even more insane than normal and time is slipping away so this will be a little short.


I have finally finished the calendar for my friend with the completion of the above three.


The two "Happy Day" cards were for my Etsy shop and the sympathy card is for a friend who's mom passed away.  The wolf is for WOCS and the sleds are "just because". I find I make cards for so many other people that I sometimes forget to stitch for me.

Happy Spring!



  1. So many great projects. I love those sleds they are so cute and stitch up so fast. Sometimes we really do have to take time to stitch for ourselves..

  2. Hi Michele, you hame many lovely smalls! Happy stitching!

  3. All of your little finishes are so great! And good for you, making a little something for yourself too!

  4. You finished some great cards. And these monthlies are beautiful.