Monday, March 9, 2015

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe


I've been busy, busy, busy stitching away on that crazy challenge, partially because I've developed carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms and I was afraid I would be forced to stop stitching for a while.  I went to the doctor today and he confirmed that I probably have it and has ordered a nerve test to determine the severity. Once I have the nerve test, he will determine a course of treatment. The good news is he did not say to stop cross stitching, in fact, I am supposed to keep moving. I was so worried that I'd have to stop for awhile because I've got some deadlines approaching.

As I was reading my e-mails, I came across an update from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe regarding a spring giveaway. If you have a chance, stop by Nancy's shop and check it out.  She has some beautiful threads and patterns.

Just a short post today as work is very busy and I don't have a lot of time.  Stay tuned for a fun update on  lyrics to "Sound of Silence".  spoiler alert

Hello carpel tunnel, my new friend...

Happy stitching,


  1. Thanks for sharing the giveaway....and wishing you relief with the carpel tunnel.

  2. Not the kind of friend you really need.. Hope it recesses and you can get back to stitching more.