Thursday, March 19, 2015

Smalls SAL Update


Happy  day before Spring!

We are getting some much needed rain in Colorado and I wish I was home to enjoy the sound instead of stuck in an office building.   But, because I am a "make lemonade" kind of person, I am thankful to have a job.

All kinds of stitching went on this month, including starting and finishing three cards, two birthday and one graduation.

I also started and completed three projects for WOCS

I'm continuing on with Debbie's Crazy Ultimate January Challenge with a target of 100 starts.  I'm up to 90, although I've only posted through day 78.  Not sure what I will do for my last 10, although I have several Mill Hill small kits, including a bunch of snowflakes. 

My proudest stitching accomplishment is work made on my Artecy Rainforest Project.  Below are pictures of what the project will look like when done and my before and after progress.

This project is now put away until I get some of my small projects done.  I have to finish the thank you cards for the Robotics team and a birthday card and present for a friend with a birthday in early May.  Once These are done. I will work on completing some of my other projects from the "challenge".
Oh, carpel tunnel update. I do have it and am still waiting to be contacted regarding my nerve test. I wear wrist braces at night, which are a pain, and am trying to remember to take anti-inflammatories on a regular basis. The last two items are the first line treatment for carpel tunnel, but to be honest, I don't see much improvement.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Congrats on all of the lovely finishes Michele. Wonderful progress on Rainforest.


  2. The Rain Forest is gorgeous! I love the cards you have made and all those pretty butterflies.

  3. Your work is beautiful - praying they can help your carpal tunnel.
    Your cards are wonderful and I know they are much appreciated.