Thursday, February 12, 2015


Happy almost Valentine's Day.  I had some sad news earlier this week; my son and his girlfriend broke up. Actually, she broke up with him.  They began dating when they were freshman in high school and dated for 3 1/2 years.  And while I think there were too serious, they were very good together. She had graduated early and with college and work, she was just waaaayyyyyyyyy too busy; something had to give and unfortunately it was my son.  He's taking it ok, it's so hard to tell with boys.  And I'm in a quandary because she and I used to text and talk and I want to keep up with her and make sure she's doing ok, but don't feel it's appropriate.  I did let her know that I would always be here for her and that she should feel free to contact me if she ever needed everything; I just hope she realizes I was serious.

On to a more enjoyable topic.  I finished one of the cards for my co-workers and the book cover for another, but again, I don't want to post until after I give the items to them.  And the book cover for the first co-worker is almost complete, as is the card for the second. I will have everything stitched and assembled by Monday.  The first mentioned co-worker's birthday is Tuesday, but the other isn't until early March.  Once these are done, I can focus on the 6 cards a friend asked me to make as well as finishing my cartoon character for WOCS.  That is due Feb. 28th and I am less than half done.  Oops, gotta get stitching on that one.  I also have "Let's Love our Sons" by Ursula Michael that I'd like to somehow magically stitch and finish by March 1 as that is my oldest son's 18th birthday.  I don't think it's going to happen, so maybe I'll save it for his 21st.

I was going to make a card for my husband for Valentine's Day, but after two unsuccessful starts, I gave it up. I started the stitching on the wrong place on my fabric twice and gave up in frustration.  .  I tend to be very stingy when placing designs for cards and am usually pretty good about counting, but not this time.  I'll get him a store bought card this year and make the Valentine for next year

All 7 graduation cards are started, with one completely done and one 80% done. I put these aside because they aren't due until May.

And I need to get going on the 6 cards for my friend. I've identified 3 of 6 patterns and starting stitching 2 of those, so only 3 more patterns to find and 4 more to start and 6 to finish...oh boy.

Back to work on yet another gorgeous Colorado day,

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