Sunday, February 1, 2015


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I'm not  a big fan but always enjoy watching the commercials.  I've been busy stitching up a storm, or I should say, "starting up  a storm"!  I joined a Facebook group,  Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015.  The idea behind it is to start a new project every day in January.  You don't have to finish, just start.  They gave us the option to continue through February as well, and that is  my goal. Since I have lots of friends with birthdays early in the year, and lots of graduation cards and lots of "thank you's" for robotics, this hasn't been too hard.  The tough part was that I started really late in the challenge, so the first few days were catch up.  Below is a list of my "starts"
1. Pig Card for co-worker
2. Pig journal cover for co-worker
3.  Mill Hill Hot cocoa kit
4.  Card for co-worker
5.  valentine train
6.  Mill Hill Haunted Schoolhouse
7.  Mill Hill Haunted House-checkerboard series
8.  cartoon project for WOCS
9.  Valentine cat
10.  Amazing Grace song
11.  Smoky Mountain Cats
12-19.  Valentine hearts for WOCS
20.  Valentine cat from Happiness is Cross Stitching
21.  Love bug
22.  Valentine cat from Happiness is Cross Stitching
23.  card for co-worker
24.  Mill Hill Opera House
25.  Mill Hill Haunted Library
26.  Mill Hill Haunted House
27.  journal cover for co-worker
28-31.    Robot for thank you note
And on to February( I'm a day ahead)
1-2.  Robot for thank you  note
3-9.  not started, but kitted and planned are graduation cards
10-15.  cards a friend asked to make, 3 birthday and 3 "thinking of you"...not even a thought about what to make.

Whew, what a lot of starts, and then, since  January items 1-4, 6, 9, 12-22 and 27 are finished, it was a lot of stitching.  To be fair, most of these are small designs, to fit on 4 1/4" x 5 1/2 inch size cards, but still, plenty of stitching.  No pictures today, but I hope to get some up by Wednesday.  Items for co-workers that are   not specifically mentioned are because they  have not been given yet and so I want them to remain a secret in case my co-workers read this :)



  1. Thank you for joining me in this challenge Michelle. I have been seeing all your lovely starts on the facebook group.


  2. Thanks Linda, I love the idea of it and hope you do it again next year. I've really enjoyed seeing the different projects everyone is doing!

  3. Great list you have there! Hope to participate next year also.