Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day


Happy May Day!  The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day in Colorado.  A big difference from Saturday, when it snowed all day.  Official accumulation at DIA (Denver International Airport) was 2.4 inches, although I'd say we had closer to six at our house.

I did finish one more project over the weekend, another June Birthstone pattern, this time in shades of blue.
I still need to turn it into a card, but at least the stitching is done.  This one was a little more challenging as I usually use Mill Hill Petite glass beads; however, they do not have the shade of blue I was looking for.  I took a chance and ordered some Delica beads from www.fusionbeads. I also buy my bicone beads center stones through this website. They seem to have good prices, you can buy individual stones or crystals and they ship fast!

I also did some major card assembly over the weekend, finishing all the graduation cards and the last of the thank yous.

19 graduation cards and 6 more thank you's, for a total of 13 thank you's.

Class of 2017 is done except for the ceremony and party!  Oh yeah, and the housecleaning prior to the party :(

I've continued my my crazy Facebook challenge.  I was only going to do a start a day for January and February, but here it is May 1 and I'm still going strong.  As of April 30, I've started new projects or made progress on 120 items, with 99 finishes.  And I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet.  I think I made over 70 Christmas cards last year, although I don't think I'll do that many this year.

Enjoy your Monday,


  1. You are amazing Michele. Congrats on all of the great finishes.


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