Friday, May 16, 2014



More stitch finishes for me.  Just when I thought I was caught up on the cards I had to make, I received 5 more orders, with a heads up that someone has 5 friends getting married.  Feast or famine, that's for sure.  I really want to make some new cards to add to my Etsy shop, especially baby cards as they seem to be very popular, but I'm getting a ton of orders right now. That's ok, I'm thankful for orders.

So, on to the finishes.

This is two versions of a graduation card for a friend's niece.  The school colors are royal and white and her cap and gown are white. I originally painted the aida cloth blue, with the intention of making the cap white with  gray highlights, but ran into problems with the contrast and tassel.  Believe it or not, the cap on the right is stitched with the same colors as the cap on the left.  The contrast is more evident on the right due to the white aida and I think I like the white background better.  I'm  not sure which version my friend will want her card, but this gave me more practice painting aida. I have more of the blue left and can't wait to find the right project to use the rest.
And this is a thank you for the team manager of my oldest son's soccer team.  Our boys have played for years and she does a great job as manager.  This was a fun design as I had to change the words and then added beads in lieu of French knots.  I really detest French knots and cannot do them to save my life.  I cringe whenever a pattern calls for them. I think the beads add a nice touch.

 I will be busy this weekend assembling all of the cards I have stitched and then working on the next set of orders.

Happy Friday,

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