Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Finally, after more years than I care to admit, the stockings for my family are complete. There's a story behind this in that my husband and I received beautiful needlepoint stockings from a friend of his mother's when we got married. Well, she spelled my name wrong, and since it was needlepoint, I really couldn't take it apart and fix it.  As a result, we never used those stockings. When our boys were about 2 and 4, I decided to make them cross stitch stockings. I stitched one fairly quickly, and then started on the second. I had the tops done and started on one for myself (with my name spelled correctly)...and then life got very busy and I kind of lost track of mine (and part of the pattern). Keep in mind I still hadn't assembled the boys. Two years ago, I found my incomplete top and missing pattern piece and decided that no matter what, our three stockings would be done and up for Christmas. Since our boys were 12 and 14, it was about time.  Somehow I did it, even though mine was a very complicated Dimensions pattern. Now, our three stockings were cross stitch and facing to the left and hubby's stocking was needlepoint and facing to the guessed it, he wanted to know why his was so different.  I reminded him, about our wedding gifts and he seemed to shrug it off, but I decided to surprise him with his own stocking and set a goal of Christmas this year.   It was a good thing I did, because when I put our stocking ups, with his old one, he commented again.  As you know, I've been working on it off and on all year and last night, when he took our youngest to soccer, put it together. I need to give it a good press before I hang it up. Wonder how long it will take him to notice once it is up.  Below are all four of our stockings.

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