Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hand update


I just realized that I never posted an update regarding my hands.  I finally got in to the see the rheumatologist and was delighted to discover I do NOT have rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus or MS or any of the really bad stuff.  I do have osteoarthritis and Raynaud's Disease.  Not really surprised about either as they both run in my family.  With Raynaud's, the capillaries in my hands close up when I get cold or stressed, causing my fingers to turn white ( and cold).  There is no cure, but the doctor tried reducing the symptoms by giving me high blood pressure medicine.  The theory behind this is that high blood pressure medicine opens up your veins, etc, to allow blood to flow through better.  Well, after a multitude of side effects, I said enough of that nonsense, especially since my blood pressure tends to be low anyway.  I went online and found some gloves that are supposed to help.  They are by Prolotex and I purchased mine from Therapy Gloves.  Maybe it's all psychological, but the gloves really are helping keep my hands warmer and minimizing my pain.  And, bonus, I'm not on any medicine.  I need to call my doctor and see what kind of follow up program he wants me to follow.

So that's that.  One of the better results I could have hoped for.

Hope all of you are well.

Smalls SAL


Wow, July is almost over, which means Christmas is right around the corner.  Thanks Heavens Heather at Stitching Lotus encouraged us to stitch Christmasy this month.  I had fun with a few things.

The above is the Winterbird  Wreath Cross Stitch Kit by Mill Hill.  I bought a couple of these kits last year and decided to give one a try.  It was quick to stitch and I love how the beads add such detail.

Despite the fact that this looks like a Christmas card, it's actually a birthday card for a friend that looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves penguins.  I had to include it in the Christmas Smalls, cause her birthday is July 30.
And yes, this actually is a Christmas card.  I love the image of Santa on the moon.  Don't know who the card will go to, but since I need to stitch over 30 cards this year, I really need to get started.

I also stitched the Winter Woods kit by Mill Hill, but haven't taken a picture of it yet.

 I also stitched a few non-Christmas items. I may have posted the elephant previously, but this card is for a co-worker to give his brother and wife.  The original colors for the elephant are shades of pastel blue, but since the baby's nursery is gray and yellow, I modified the pattern appropriately.
And another Mill Hill kit, the Haunted Library. I am slowly but surely getting the "haunted building collection" completed and hope to turn the wall adjacent to our stairwell into a "village".  I love Mill Hill kits.

And last but not least, I stitched a sea lion card for a co-worker that loves sea lions. This is the first time I have given her a birthday card and I think she will be very surprised.  She turns 30 at the end of August and is going through a divorce and is having a tough time of it.

Happy Stitching everyone!