Thursday, March 9, 2017


Happy Thursday on a beautiful spring day in Colorado!

Ok, technically it is still winter, but the temps are in the low 70's and flowers are starting to come up and it is gorgeous outside.  I'm going  to get my bike out this weekend and see how that goes, considering I haven't been on a bike since 2015.  Wish me luck!

Below are some birthstone cards that I made from projects I stitched last month.  The April diamond was a little challenging to pick coordinating paper for, and I settled on the metallic silver. It looks ok, but seems a little boring.

I do believe that the purple and turquoise card may be my favorite. I love the way the jewel tones accent each other.  

And  last but not least is the August Peridot.  This was a little challenging as none of my green paper was the right shade.  Good compromise with the tie dye look and the gold paper.