Thursday, September 5, 2019


I forgot to post some pictures of projects I have made into cards.

August Smalls SAL


Wow, August flew by and my youngest son is back in school.  It was a strange summer as neither boy was home; one due to to graduating college and now living on his own and the other stayed at school over the summer. 

Thanks to Mary at Mary's Threads for sponsoring the SAL.  I had two starts that I finished this month

And I also finished most of my "Christmas in July" starts









I'm making great progress on stitched projects for cards and may only need another 10 or so.

Year to date progress is 97 finishes out of 130 starts.

Happy Stitching,

Friday, August 2, 2019

July Smalls SAL


Happy August.  It's amazing that it's August already.  Thanks to Mary for sponsoring the Smalls SAL.  I had a crazy start to last month and by the time I got online, the June link had closed so I'm happy to make the July link.

I did a start a day this month for Christmas in July and managed to finish a few of them.






Currently, I have enough finished pieces to make 30 Christmas cards with another 15 or so started.

I also got Joe's kitchen framed.  I stopped at Michael's, where I've always had gotten my pieces framed.  They usually do a fantastic job.  Not this time. After spending a hour with the young man in the frame shop, I finally took my piece and left. It was painfully obvious he didn't know what he was doing and there was no way I was leaving  my work in his hands. I went to Hobby Lobby and had a wonderful experience.  They did a great job and will get all of my future framing experience.

Year to date I am at 76 finishes out of 126 starts and will spend most of the next few months finishing the rest of my Christmas cards.

Happy Stitching, 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

June Wrap Up and Year to Date Progress


The first week of  July has flown by.  I worked extra hours last week and seemed to spend all of my free time sleeping. 

I did finish several projects this month, including the large project I have been working on for my oldest son.  He will be moving into his first post-graduation apartment soon and this will be a house warming gift.  It is 11 x 14 and I will frame and matt is in black and red.

Once I finished this, I was able to make progress on finishing some of my other starts this year.





It felt great to finish so many projects!!

I've also challenged myself to a "start a day" for "Christmas in July". I'm behind on my Christmas cards and this will help me catch up.  I've already finished three of my starts!

Year to date I've finished 64 of 95 starts.

Happy Stitching,

June Smalls SAL


Happy Late July 4th!  And late Smalls check in. Thanks to Mary with Mary's Threads for sponsoring this SAL.

I have one new start for June, a unicorn

I will make another post for my June wrap up and year to date progress.

Happy stitching,