Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December and year end

December 31, 2019

Happy almost New Year!!

The year has gone by so fast and work was insanely busy. My energies have been spent on holiday baking and decorating, when I wasn't working overtime at work.  As a result, I have been exhausted and finally feel like I'm human again.  Just in time for  the new year to start.

I only had two starts this month, but I did finish a few things I started earlier.

This will be a sweet 16 card for my niece.  I asked her what her favorite color was and she said white so I used a bunch of pastels.  First, I will give her a white card that I stamp "Happy Birthday" in white ink and use a white gel pen to sign.  Then I will give her the one I finish using the below.  Yes, I'm a prankster.

Thank I finished the below.  The first three were UFO's from 2016 and I had worked on earlier in the year. I had finished the stitching, but needed to add the beads and buttons.  The last one is also a UFO from 2016 and I "started" it  (and finished) it in December. 



And here's the four. There are two more to make, which I will finish in 2020, and then turn them into a banner.

I have finished 129 out of 153 starts. I don't think I'll do a " start a day" next year.  Instead, I want to focus on finishing UFO's on some large projects and I have a couple of large projects I want to start and finish.  But, I'm a pre-menopausal red-headed women  and am likely to change my mind...

Hope 2019 was good to you and 2020 is even better.


November wrap up

OK, I realize it's the last day of December, but I'm playing catch-up.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.

November starts and finishes.
Plastic canvas coasters by Craftways.  I still have to make the case, but I cut my canvas incorrectly and need to get more.



The last two letters of the Ursula Michael Tic Tac Toe Halloween

And all the letters! I bought this pattern several years ago and finally stitched it!  I will get it framed in 2020 in time to hang for Halloween!

That's it for November.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

October Wrap Up

October flew by in a stitching flurry and November is already a third over!  I kept to my goal of only stitching Halloween themed projects and started and finished several.

Three witches hats from the 2019 Just Cross Stitch Halloween Magazine. I was disappointed with this year's issue and these are about the only patterns I wanted to stitch from it.

I resumed stitching the Ursula Michael Halloween Tic Tac Toe. I had purchased this pattern a couple of years ago and finally started it earlier this year.  I had hoped to finish it by Halloween, but didn't quite manage.  Below are the letters I finished this month



I did finished assembly of the Christmas cards for WOCS.  I need to post them to their website and get them in the mail, but here they are.  A few are pieces I've stitched in previous years, but most are from this year.






Happy Stitching and Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

September Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to October.  The first snow of the season is due Thursday and I wish I could be home stitching.  Sadly, I'll be at work dealing with crazy people who think that two inches of snow means shop like they are going to be snowbound for a month.  The joys of retail!!

Enough whining, it's time for some stitchy news.  I started three projects this month and finished two of them.   I plan on using these two trees and the one I finished last month on one card.

I did finish a few other pieces that were started earlier this year



I'm trying to stitch Halloween themed projects only this month and have three new starts so far.  I also want to assemble the cards for the Christmas pieces I have stitched this year.  I have close to 50, so I may not get them all done this month.  Wish me luck.

I almost forgot, year to date progress
106 finishes out of 133 starts.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, September 5, 2019


I forgot to post some pictures of projects I have made into cards.

August Smalls SAL


Wow, August flew by and my youngest son is back in school.  It was a strange summer as neither boy was home; one due to to graduating college and now living on his own and the other stayed at school over the summer. 

Thanks to Mary at Mary's Threads for sponsoring the SAL.  I had two starts that I finished this month

And I also finished most of my "Christmas in July" starts









I'm making great progress on stitched projects for cards and may only need another 10 or so.

Year to date progress is 97 finishes out of 130 starts.

Happy Stitching,