Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Another month gone by.  Only 1 more month of soccer left for the boys and  a month and a week of school.  I've been busy stitching cards and a birthday present for a friend.  I don't want to post any photo's just yet, in case she reads this, but I'll post after I give them to her.  As far as my stitch from stash, everything I stitched was from supplies on hand, so I am at $0 spend this month!  Since all of my projects have been small, my stash hasn't really diminished much, but I do feel good about not spending any money.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Gosh I can't believe it's almost Easter; this year has flown by in a flurry of stitching.  Below are a couple of my latest projects.

This will be a high school graduation card for my oldest son's girlfriend.  She is graduating 2 year's early and received a full ride scholarship to University of Denver.    I still need to put her name and graduation date on it, but I had to show good old Tatty Teddy off.
This is a castle from the "Wizard's View" collection in Joan Elliott's "Bewitching Cross Stitch" book.  I bought this book from Amazon with a gift card I had received for taking a survey and it may be one of my better purchases. Has a lot of patterns that I have seen floating around on Pinterest and I am very happy to have the book.
This is the view of the castle once I added the metallic backstitching and beads.  Not wild about the beads, but I love the backstitching.
Have a great Tuesday.